Bugged Word Search

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A little game that will grow to BUG you.

A fast-pace word search game where you always find the word "BUG" in every level before time runs out. You can swipe the word horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.


  1. "EXTRA TIME" Booster: Adds more time to each level so that it makes it easier to play and more chances for higher scores. Cost of 2 Token per use.
  2. "FIND IT" Booster: During the game, players are given up to 3 "Find It" boosters to solve the level for them before the time runs out and move to the next level. Use them wisely when the level gets harder. Cost of 1 Token per use.

Each level gets progressively harder with more letters. Don't get "Bugged Out" when it beats you. Compete against your friends or anyone around the world with Game Center global score board.