Alpha Connect Word Game

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Alpha Connect is the fast-paced, fun game of finding words by simply swiping adjacent letters. Seconds to learn, lifetime to master.

Swipe or tap the adjacent letters to create words. You can swipe up, down, left, right, or diagonally. Swipe fast before the time runs out! Earn more time by leveling up or with power-ups.

Each letter has a base score and is weighted (i.e. Q is worth more than the common letter A). Add each letter base score to the get the word score. The longer the word, the better the score. Some letter are special multiplier letters. Any letter with an "x" on it means they are multipliers. For example, "2x" will double the word score. You may stack multipliers as well for higher scores.

Try to swipe the best words you can find. Keep swiping high scoring words, and you may find yourself as the leader of the global score board! Beat all your friends and get on the top of the leader board, where you'll have complete bragging rights!