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A game of 5 hand poker with a twist! Swipe the best poker hands you can find. The better the hand, the better the score. Race against the clock, swiping as many hands as you can. Try to save those cards for the Royal Flush and you may find yourself on the #1 spot on the Global Leader board! Bring more excitement into poker with this fast paced game.

Swipe as many poker hands as you can! The better the hand, the higher the score. You can swipe up, down, left, right, and diagonally. Swipe fast before the time runs out! Earn more time by leveling up or with power-ups.

Some cards are special multiplier cards. Any card with an "x" on it means they are multipliers. For example, "2x" will double the hand's score. You may stack multipliers as well.

Save up your chips that you earn after each game so you can purchase power-ups. These power-ups can enhance your game play and score.

Try to swipe the best hands you can find. Like in real poker, the Royal Flush is the highest hand possible. Keep swiping high hands and you may find yourself as the leader of the global score board! Beat all your friends and get on the top of the leader board, where you'll have complete bragging rights!